Onick S60 new rangefinder anti-shake night vision performance details


Onick comes from the word "Optics+ Nick", which stands for "Optics+ nitpicking". It means the pursuit of perfect optical quality. Since its inception, the ONICK brand has been committed to the development of high quality, user-friendly portable outdoor optical instruments. To provide you with quality, innovative products, no matter day or night, let you always walk in the forefront of high-definition night vision. Onick is a well-known brand of optical instruments in the market, with leading night vision technology and high-end design in the field of night vision technology. At present, Onick is a popular night vision instrument brand with complete product lines such as digital night vision instrument, 2 + and quasi-3 generation low light level night vision instrument. Onick brand products with its excellent workmanship, excellent product quality, reliable product performance and perfect after-sales commitment, by the majority of customers recognition and praise, in the entire optical instrument market occupies an important position.

2021 Onick brand innovation, strong technical support and ever-changing product innovation, created a new vision of high-definition night vision system. Onick optics launched a new more novel, more high-end ranging anti-shake S60 all-weather laser ranging night vision instrument.


Choose ONICK all-weather high-definition dual-cylinder electronic anti-shake laser ranging digital night vision instrument, professional more outstanding!

The Onick S60 is an all-new fourth-generation electronic night vision laser rangefinder in 2021. Onick S60 is an all-weather observation night vision forensics instrument that can be used day and night. It can not only double the observation, but also pull the viewing target closer or farther away. It supports EIS electronic anti-shake function, so that you can enjoy more professional observation effect. Automatic tracking and ranging function can effectively measure the distance between the user and the target point, convenient tracking and recording; Onick S60 night vision device through the built-in WiFi connection to mobile phone APP, can synchronously watch images and videos, support file playback.

Onick S60 has a magnification of 6 to 36 times, objective lens diameter of 50mm/f1.0, visual field Angle of 10°, 0.38 'HD 1280x720P display, mobile range of 60 to 71mm between eyelieces, and 1080P FHD/60FPS video recording. 5360x3008 HD photo pixel, maximum support FAT32 format storage card 128GB. Let you easily find the target in HD video, night support green, black and white, amber, purple, four color display, visual sense is more outstanding!


Onick S60 electronic image stabilization laser ranging goggles scope is very broad, applies not only to the public security, armed police, customs, frontier defense, series of private security guards at night patrol and reconnaissance forensics, etc., but also suitable for travel, camping, field observations, protect their property from theft, can enhance efficiency of your work and your life fun, It is the ideal equipment for both military and civilian use.

2021 new fourth generation + digital night vision instrument: the fourth generation of low illumination image sensor, digital night vision instrument optical magnification and electronic magnification combination, with 6~36 times magnification, can be viewed the target zoom in or out, that is, can view the overall situation, and can be carefully observed. 0.38 "HD 1280X720P display, easier to find targets. HD recording function, the image clearer, more perfect details.

All day and night dual use: according to the use of the environment can choose the day and night viewing mode. There are seven levels of brightness adjustment of the display screen, and three levels of intensity cycle adjustment of the infrared IR auxiliary lamp in night mode, which greatly expands the detection range of the target.

Super recording function: support 5360X3006 photo pixel, 1080P FHD/ 60FPS HD video; When shooting video, the voice of the operator and the surrounding can be saved synchronously. The operator can explain while using, which is easy to refer to in the future. Real-time date and time can be recorded synchronously on a picture or video file.

EIS electronic anti-jiggling function: ONICK S60 night vision instrument supports EIS electronic anti-jiggling function, which can be manually opened to provide you with a better and more stable experience when observing motion pictures, so that you don't miss any tiny details.

Laser ranging function: support manual ranging and automatic ranging, can effectively measure the distance between the operator and the target. When the automatic ranging function is turned on, the ONICK S60 night vision instrument will carry out the continuous automatic ranging mode. The reticle is aligned with the target to be measured, and the measurement data will be displayed on the screen.

Four color imaging mode: support natural color/black and white/green/amber four color observation, can choose different imaging mode according to the use of the environment, let you easily find the target in the observation, visual sense is more outstanding!

Synchronized viewing of mobile APP: through the built-in WiFi of the night vision device to connect the APP on the mobile phone, you can connect multiple mobile APP at the same time. Images or videos can be watched synchronously on the APP, files can be played/deleted/downloaded, after downloading is the APP file, operation can be played/deleted, pictures or videos can also be shared to WeChat friends/Moments /QQ/ Douyin, or sent to the computer, etc.

Supported 128G large memory: photos and video files taken by Onick S60 night vision device are stored on TF card. If you need to view the file can be directly on the night vision device playback view, can also be viewed through the card reader on the computer, or through the USB port connected to the computer to read and view.

Flexible power supply mode: support a variety of power supply mode, CR123A,3V battery, mobile power supply, DC, etc.

Good quality and durable: using metal body, with hand baking paint and PVC elastic eye mask, comfortable use, durable. Ergonomic, non-slip design, in the observation of moving targets, able to capture the target in time.

Adjustable eyepiece design: the distance between the eyepiece can be moved within a range of 60~71mm, different users according to their own eye spacing independent adjustment.

Support tripod installation (1/4 screw) for fixed point viewing and shooting, the image is more stable, very suitable for long-term use in monitoring and monitoring.

ONICA ONICK night vision instrument has a wide range of applications, suitable for public security, armed police, customs, border, security guards of the night patrol and reconnaissance evidence collection. No matter you are in tourism, camping, field observation, or self-security against theft, or military and police security, patrol and other professional fields of application, ONICA ONICK night vision instrument can effectively provide you with help and cooperation. It is the ideal equipment for both military and civilian use, which not only enhances your work efficiency but also adds to your fun of life.