Congratulations to Onick 360AS for becoming a rangefinder for cooperation with major power bur


Congratulations ONICk 360AS to become the cooperation rangefinder of the major power bureaus in Mongolia and West.In July 2019, the manager of our company's channel department with ONICA 2000B, 360AS series rangefinder signed the 2019-2020 rangefinder supply contract with Inner Mongolia Mengxi Electric Power Company's Alxa, Xilin Gol, Baotou, Wulanchabu, Erdos and other major branches. The rangefinder has core demand functions such as ranging, height measurement, Angle measurement and azimuth Angle, and the accuracy is accurate to 0.2 meters. In the past three years, it has rapidly occupied most of the demand market in the electric power industry and provided great help to the measurement workers in the electric power industry.


Erdos power bureau signed the scene, technical

personnel are determining the model and parameters.


Wulanchabu Electric Power Bureau rangefinder signed,

our technical personnel are also on the scene for them to solve problems.


Our technicians carry Onica 2000B for on-site demonstration and explanation.


There are more people on the site, so each power bureau needs to confirm it and then determine the final model.


Of xilingol power, is named the niqab of 360 as a power, azimuth Angle and space because it has the function of arbitrary two span, the need to measure the third party when the distance between object and object, surveyors can need not run like a traditional rangefinder to the two objects of which the position of an object measured, people can stand on a third party, Measure the distance between two other objects.



Sign ONICK technical agreement and provide quality inspection report.