Onick 6000CI binocular long-distance laser rangefinder

Onick 6000CI binocular long-distance laser rangefinder

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Function description

(1)Trigger key    emit Laser。

(2)Model key:   enter menu。

(3)Gate/+ :Long press as strobe in normal state,Up keyNumerical correction or menu selection。

(4)On/Off   Power on, quit the current state。

(5)Light /-   :Long press to on normally/Turn off panel lighting(LED on/off),

Down key: Numerical correction or menu selection。

(6)Connect plug: transmit data between range finder and Peripheral equipment。

(7)OLD screen display data:Range value、Azimuth angle、

Pitch and opteration function character。

(8)Ocular Aim at the target。

product information

1. Location parameter

(1)Max range:6000m

(2)Measuring range:30 ~ 6000 m

(3)Ranging error:±0.5m

(4)Gate:20 ~ 5120 m ( step 10m)

(5)Accuracy rate :98%

(6)Working frequency:1/6 ~ 1/3 Hz

(7)Compass Accuracy:±0.5°            Optional

⑻ Precision of angle:±0.1°(In±25°)   Optional

⒉   Functions

⑴ Get average data

⑵Save data(max 1000)

⑶Transmit data(output: RS232、2400、8、N、2)

⑷ Adjust the brightness of screen and reticle, close the light when no operation in continuous 20 seconds。

⑸ Count work times

⑹ Index last ten data

⑺ Query serial number

⑻ Query storage data

⒊ Optical parameters

⑴Receiving diameter: Φ30mm

⑵Field of view      6.5°


⒋ Laser parameter

⑴ Laser type:Nd:YAG


⑶Output energy:≥5 mj

⑷ Life:   ≥20000times

⒌ Working temperature

-10℃ ~ +50℃   

⒍   Environmental adaptation

Dustproof waterproof shockproof

⒎ Mechanical parameters


Weight:1 Kg

⒏ Power supply

18650 batteries(11.1伏、3000 mAh),At normal temperature working life over 3000times

Use of charger

      Insert the output plug of the charging adapter into the instrument socket, and then plug the plug of the charging adapter into the AC 100~240V power supply. At this point, the red indicator light of the charging adapter is on, indicating that charging is under way. Red indicator lights off after full, green indicator lights on. After charging, unplug the charging adapter from the AC power supply, and then unplug the output plug from the instrument socket。