Onick 1200L laser rangefinder

Onick 1200L laser rangefinder

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Product Description

The Onick 1200L laser rangefinder and telescope instrument is a portable photoelectric measuring instrument that integrates the functions of laser ranging, speed measurement into the optical telescope.

It observes the target's distance and speed in a certain range while clearly observing the target.

The laser emission band of the Onick 1200L laser rangefinder is 905nm, which is safe for the human eye. It does not need to cooperate with the target and can measure any target. It takes only one CR2/3V battery for using the instrument.

The Onick 1200L laser rangefinder is widely used in electricity, communications, police, fire protection, water conservancy, navigation, railways, forestry, construction, geology, outdoor activities, etc. It is a good assistant to improve work efficiency and the quality of field activities.

product information

Measuring range: 4m-1200m

Ranging error: ±0.3m

Speed range0-300KM

Resolution: 0.1m

Slope distance measuremen:yes

Scan function:yes

Undervoltage warning:yes


Objective lens aperture:25mm

Eyepiece aperture:17mm

Exit pupil diameter:3.8mm

Field of view:7 degrees

Diopter adjustment range:±4D

Product weight:200g

Display method:Built-in LCD display in eyepiece

Battery model:CR2/3V

Operating environment: -10 °C~50 °C

Focus method: manual

Tripod interface:standard